Elementor #8319

Taiwo Aiyedogbon
Aaye (Space),
Live Performance

Mo nife lati mu ayika pelu isepo Ewi, nibi ti awon akole ti o jomo si oro, omo, iya, baba, agbo ile, awon ibeji, Oba, asa, ile Yoruba ati die ninu awon oro to jemo ise ile Yoruba nipase Ewi.

Mofe se igbejade Aaye, fun wakati kan ogbon iseju sise ni pelu egbe awon odo okunrin, bi mo se n retiĀ  lati fa edun, ipeni ati ise lait owo awon eniyan owujo ati ibomi.
I am interested in creating an atmosphere that engages with Yoruba poetry, where topics relating to wealth, children, mother, father, household, twins, kings, traditions, Yoruba land and some other words relating to the culture of Yoruba land are discussed through Yoruba poetry.

I will be presenting Aaye (Space), an hour and thirty minutes live performance with a group of young men, as I look forward to drawing out emotion, provocations and reactions from my immediate audience and beyond.

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